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《身之載體》The Body Medium

2022 政大駐校藝術計畫|Video Installation|B&W|7m 40s Loop


Creation Method

《身之載體》影像創作由藝文中心邀請藝術家魏閤廷,以《刺青:身體記事本》徵件計畫中的刺青作品為素材,並採訪刺青主人,了解刺青背後的故事。運用這些刺青圖案、故事、訪談內容與聲音進行再製創作影像。魏閤廷另邀藝術家Petr Danda協助錄音及聲音創作。

The multimedia project The Body Medium invites artist WEI Ho-Ting to create works based on the submissions of Tattoo: The Story of You. Tattoo owners were interviewed about the stories behind their tattoos, and, together with the interviews, photographs and sounds became material for creating this piece. WEI also invited artist Petr Danda to collaborate on the recordings and sound creation.


《身之載體》為影像與聲音的創作,影像擷取自分享者身上的刺青,使用數位方式拆解、放大,投影至空間中流轉,創造有別於平常的觀看方式。聲音與影像同時存在,收錄與刺青分享者的談話,描述著這些圖案如何反映個人生命經驗與體悟,並使用身體記錄下來。觀者需使用手機(掃QR code)來聆聽,這種私密的傾聽方式,與諾大的投影形成對比,像是建立了一條穿越形象表層的通道,探見意念顯化的過程。


About the Artwork

he Body Medium is a creation working with images and sound. Using digital methods, various tattoo images were deconstructed, enlarged, and projected into space to obtain different perspectives on the subject. While the projections give an outside view on the art of tattoos, visitors can also scan the QR code to listen to the confessions of the participants, revealing the intimate motives and stories that shaped these tattoos and their owners. The artist hopes to document how a tattoo is born as a medium to channel personal life experiences and reflection of values.

This piece can be understood as a multilayered collaborative work in which the inner layer depicts the participants' thoughts and motivations, the second the works of the tattoo artists, and the third layer represents the images captured by the photographers. The sound and image projections make up the outer layer, acting as a guide to the chaotic and ungraspable inner world of the human psyché.

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