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Somewhere in the wind 《風從遠方來》


A mighty magic power brought cities civilization. One day, the magic power went out of control and spread endlessly, desolating everywhere it passed through or changing everything into something else from its original shape. An unwarned girl opened her window and received a despairing world. At the moment when she was forced to get involved into it, it seems that she realized what she cherished and what she would at last lost…


2015 Taiwan International Student Design Competition Bronze Prize of Digital Animation

2015臺灣國際學生創意設計大賽 數位動畫類銅獎

Director: Ho-Ting Wei|導演:魏閤廷

Sound Production: Meow Talk music|聲音製作:貓說音樂

Sound Design: Choa-Yung Sung|音效:宋兆永

Music Design: Ying-Chih Chen|音樂:陳映芝

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